New Larry Quinn Single Hits The Radio

Troy, NY  May 16th, 2016 – Singer-Songwriter Larry Quinn has received radio airplay of his new single, I’M LOOKIN’ FOR A GIRL WITH NO TATTOOS. Station WFNY FM 94.1 and AM 1440, Gloversville, introduced the record Sunday, April 24 on the Mike O’Neil Show.

“This is a great thrill for me. Anytime you can write a song, record it and have it played on the radio is a very special event, said Quinn.” Quinn said WFNY DJ Mike O’Neil called him on Saturday, April 23 and informed him that he liked the record and would play it that Sunday. “I sent copies of this single-cd to many radio stations across the U.S.. This is the first response. I’m hoping it sparks interest at some of the local stations and beyond,” Quinn added.

During an on-air interview with WFNY owner and DJ Mike O’Neil, Quinn said he worked on the song on and off for about a year. “I was at work watching people come and go and noticed that all of the girls had at least one or two tattoos. I said to myself, ‘I’m lookin’ for a girl with no tattoos.’ I wrote that line in my notebook and gradually added a chorus and a verse. It wasn’t until a few weeks before I went to Nashville to record the song that I wrote the last verse.” Quinn says a co-worker was the inspiration for ‘I met a girl we went out for a drink, one arm said swim and the other said sink.’ This girl will be starring in Quinn’s soon to be made video.

Quinn recorded the song at his son’s studio in Nashville. Alex plays all of the guitars on the song and engineered the recording. Larry is the singer, songwriter and producer.

Larry Quinn currently plays as a solo artist in small clubs and bars in the Albany, New York area. He recorded a cd in 2011, Larry Quinn, and a cd titled Mr. Quinn in 2013 on his own label, Third Son Records, with Alexander.

”How cool is it that a 63 year old musician can write a song, get together with his son, create a great-sounding recording and hear it on the radio? Very cool!”

I’M LOOKIN’ FOR A GIRL WITH NO TATTOOS can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and most Internet music sites.

To contact Mike O’Neil at WFNY 518-725-1108