Larry Quinn

“I've been in and out of the music business since 1964. I played in bands during grade school and high school & began writing songs in 1966. My first record was recorded in 1976 in Louisville, KY on AMG Records with my band Tree Fox. I was the lead singer and songwriter with Tree Fox. The band released an album in 1979 titled Rough Road  recorded  in Cincinnati for Fraternity Records. After Tree Fox broke up, I produced demo tapes and records for Albany area bands. I put the music business on pause while I raised four children and attended college part time. I received a bachelor’s degree. My son Alex gave me a guitar for Christmas in 2007 and I was back in business!”

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Larry Quinn Band Releases New Single


 LARRY QUINN BAND has released their latest single CD. A summer themed song called:  TAKE ME TO THE BEACH.

 TAKE ME TO THE BEACH was  premiered on KOSW 91.3FM, Ocean Shores, Washington, June 10, 2021on the Papa B Show.

Upcoming Gigs

-Friday June 25, 2021 7-10pm Park Pub, Frear Park, Troy, NY 



2021 TAKE ME TO THE BEACH, LARRYQUINN BAND-SINGLE- Recorded at The Recording Co. Esperance, NY.

2021 ABOUT LOVE, LARRYQUINN BAND-SINGLE- Recorded at The Recording Co. Esperance, NY.

2020 WAITING, LARRY QUINN BAND-SINGLE- Recorded at The Recording Co. Esperance, NY.

2020 I WISH I WAS YOUNG AGAIN-LARRY QUINN BAND-SINGLE- Recorded at The Recording Co. Esperance, NY.

2019 SWEET BLUE EYES-LARRY QUINN BAND-SINGLE-Recorded at The Recording Co. Esperance, NY.


Albany, NY.

2018 STILL LOOKIN’-LARRY QUINN-EP-Compilation of previously recorded songs.

2016 GOOD OLE WHAT’S HER NAME-LARRY QUINN-SINGLE-Recorded at home studio, Troy, NY-mixed at Alexander Quinn Studio Nashville, TN

JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME-LARRY QUINN-SINGLE- Recorded at home studio, Troy, NY-mixed at Alexander Quinn Studio Nashville, TN

2015 I’M LOOKIN’ FOR A GIRL WITH NO TATTOOS-SINGLE-Recorded at Alexander Quinn Studio Nashville, TN

2012 MR. QUINN- EP- Recorded at Alexander Quinn Studio Nashville, TN

2011 LARRY QUINN-EP- Recorded at Alexander Quinn Studio Nashville, TN

All above recordings were released on THIRD SON RECORDS. Nationwide distribution to digital music platforms including ITunes, Pandora, Spotify, and You Tube, and most internet sites. Also released to selected radio stations in the United States.

All songs written by Larry Quinn © Collar City Music ASCAP.

1985 ARIEL-COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT-SINGLE-Recorded at     Normandy Sound Studios, Warren, Rhode Island.

1984  ARIEL-ROCK-N-ROLL EYES-SINGLE- Recorded at Normandy Sound Studios, Warren, Rhode Island.

“We were very fortunate to have worked with Larry Quinn. He was honest, passionate, and fearless. He made us better. Couldn’t ask for more!”  Joe Gorman-ARIEL

1978  TREE FOX-ROUGH ROAD-ALBUM-TEN SONGS-written by Larry Quinn

Recorded at Counterpart Creative Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio. Released on

Fraternity Records 1979. 


GOTTA LOVE SOMEBODY-written by Larry Quinn-Recorded at Allen     Martin Studios, Louisville, Kentucky. Produced by Ron Grayson. Released on AMG Records 1977.

All songs written by Larry Quinn © Collar City Music ASCAP.




Tree Fox



Sixty-Eight Years Old, Writing Songs, Recording Them and Hearing Them on Radio

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Troy, NY-January 4, 2021- The package arrived a week before Christmas in 2007. It was a surprise present from his son Alexander Quinn of Nashville: A six string Epiphone acoustic guitar. Larry Quinn was back in the music business! Since the arrival of the guitar, Larry Quinn has recorded and released ten cds. His music is receiving airplay on many radio stations across the United States. He has been in and out of the music business for 54 years. From high school to his early twenties, Larry Quinn performed in several rock-n-roll bands.

Larry began writing songs in 1966 while in high school. He recorded his first record in 1976 with his band, TREE FOX. The single featured two songs written by Larry: YOU MAKE ME REAL and EVERYBODY’S GOTTA LOVE SOMEBODY and was released nationwide on AMG Records in 1977. TREE FOX was a very popular band in the New York Capital Region-Albany. Larry Quinn was the lead singer and songwriter.

TREE FOX followed up with a single and an album in 1979 with Fraternity Records of Cincinnati, Ohio. The single, 15/20 bw WANDERIN’ MAN was released nationwide. The album, ROUGH ROAD, contained ten songs written by Larry and led to the band’s tour of New England in the summer of 1979. Unfortunately, TREE FOX broke up after the tour.

Over the next forty years, Larry Quinn worked several jobs in state and local government. He married, went to college, received a bachelor’s degree and raised four children. In 2011  Larry Quinn began writing songs again. In 2013 he formed his own record label THIRD SON RECORDS based in his hometown of Troy, N.Y. In 2019, Larry assembled LARRY QUINN BAND. Unable to play live due to Covid 19, the band is focused on recording. They have recorded four singles. The songs have been released on THIRD SON RECORDS and have received radio airplay. “Larry Quinn is a gifted songwriter,” Joyce Jackey, on air personality WEXT 97.7 and 106.1 FM, Albany, N.Y.

“For years Larry Quinn has provided the public with quality songwriting and a wry sense of humor. From his early days with Tree Fox to today he is a musician’s musician. I always look forward to his next project,” Art Fredette, Program Director and on air personality at, Waterford, N.Y. President of Imperial Broadcasting.

“From TREE FOX with their unique sound combination of Southern Rock with a New England twist in the 70s to the new fresh sound of the Larry Quinn Band of the 2000s, Larry Quinn has proven his lasting ability to write, produce and record great music,” Carl Larson, Program Director and on air host , KOSW, 91.3 FM, Ocean Shores, Washington. 

"I played Waiting by LARRY QUINN BAND and people called me and said",'They sound like The Doors!' Mike O'Neil, WFNY, Gloversville, NY

Larry Quinn's songs are gaining airplay on many stations in the U.S.A.

“I’m very fortunate to be my age and able to write songs and record them. To hear my songs on the radio is still a thrill!” said Larry.

            In August 2020, Larry Quinn turned 68.


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